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Almost two years ago, through a series of happy accidents and sheer luck, I ended up in Mountain View, CA to present at the Bay Area jQuery conference. I remember being in the conference center with the other speakers that morning, before registration opened. I'm not sure if he could tell I was feeling a little nervous and intimidated, but it was at that moment that Chris Coyier introduced himself to me.

Chris is the man behind CSS-Tricks, a very popular website for web developers. At the time I was reluctant to admit to Chris that I had never heard of it but since then I've visited it countless times. A month or so ago, I had an idea for an article about CSS and I asked Chris if he accepts contributions. As it turned out he does.

You can find the article here.

It's about using :before and :after to create the "rounded out" borders at the bottom of a tab control. The technique is a result of some experiments that I did at my new job at Aan Zee. Since they really encourage their employees to share knowledge and expertise I will publish a Dutch translation of the article on their blog as well.

Anyway, I want to thank Chris for making me feel at ease at that conference two years ago as well as for publishing my article. He's an awesome and friendly guy and I really hope I will have the chance to meet him at some future conference.

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