Sign up for Backbase 4.0

Even though I recently left Backbase, I am keeping a close eye on them this year. The main reason for that is because before I left I had many chances to play around with early versions of the products they are planning for this year; more specifically: Backbase version 4.0.

From what I've seen of this 4.0 version I can tell that it has the potential to be making some major waves the coming years, not just in the Ajax community but in the IT industry at large. I cannot divulge too much (for reasons that should be clear) but I am eagerly anticipating the moment it hits the market as a full-fledged product. It will be a different thing for different people; for me and other web-based UI-nuts, it will be the most elegant and developer-friendly way to create extremely rich and interactive UI's.

Hopefully you'll be getting curious by now. If you are, I really encourage you to sign up for Backbase 4.0 Release Candidate now.

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