TextMate for Windows?

I love jEdit. It is so insanely customizable that I've been willing to put up with its horrid looks for well over three years now. Nonetheless, I've been jealously looking into my friend Yuri's general direction lately whenever he's using TextMate, a Mac-only programmer's editor. Enter e, an editor referred to as TextMate on Windows.

What's so great about TextMate, you might ask. That's actually hard to explain until you've seen somebody working with it. this screencast gives a good impression of how seriously it takes customization and automation of common tasks. To be short: it looks great and works very well indeed. Maybe even better than a fully-configured jEdit. Unfortunately, it isn't coming out on Windows, ever. That's why my heart began to beat a little faster when Yuri mentioned the e-texteditor.

So I downloaded it and it looks good. It certainly has a lot of potential, even if it's not going to fully emulate TextMate. The website says it's a beta, but I hope it will ship with more features than it currently has. It has some interesting quirks like non-functioning keyboard navigation for the menubar (like alt+F). But overal it looks very promising and has a really interesting unlimited hierarchical undo feature. I'll be using it some more in the near future and I'll be keeping an eye open for any updates to this software.

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