Backbase browser support

The last couple of years I spent implementing Backbase projects at clients. Two of the most frequently asked questions were: "when will you guys start supporting Safari?" (designers) and "when will you guys start supporting Opera?" (developers). For a long time, I couldn't say anything; I just didn't know! Recently, I learned a lot of good news from our R&D department. Unfortunately, having been sworn to secrecy I could never reveal much of what was really going on.

Last week, however, Backbase spilled the beans on some of our activities. Yes, they have been working really hard on Safari and Opera. Yes, they have been working closely together with the browser developers and yes, we can and will support (near-)future versions of both browsers. You can check our progress yourself with Opera 9 beta and a Safari/Webkit nightly build on the Backbase Playground, a subset of our website that runs on a development version of our engine.

Obviously, there will be issues. Combining a beta of a browser with a beta of our software is unlikely to provide flawless results. I really hope you will give this a try and report any issues you find. I'm not sure what the best address is to send your issues (the Backbase weblog doesn't mention any - I will ask them to do so later). In the meanwhile you can post your issues here or email them to me, I'll make sure they reach the right people.

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