When is it going to end?

When is someone going to end to this Guantanamo-story? If you would've said five years ago that the UN would do no more than frown upon this disregard of basic human rights and international treaties I would have strongly disagreed. How wrong I was, for people have been held by the US government without charge for four fucking years and the UN hasn't done so much as to raise a finger in disapproval.

According to a report by two lawyers more than half of the detainees, who are being held without charge, have never committed any "hostile acts" against the US.

[...] only 8% were classed as al-Qaeda fighters and 60 prisoners "are detained merely because they are 'associated with' a group or groups the [US] government asserts are terrorist organizations".

BBC News: Guantanamo strikers 'restrained'.

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