Smooth image zooming with CSS transitions

A week or so ago, I was experimenting with CSS transitions to see if I could reproduce a nice version of the Ken Burns Effect. Even if you don't know the name, I'm sure you know the effect quite well: a slow, even pan & zoom on a still image. I was a little disappointed to find that Firefox did not play along very well. Even though the transition itself was smooth, the zoom effect was jittery.

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Almost two years ago, through a series of happy accidents and sheer luck, I ended up in Mountain View, CA to present at the Bay Area jQuery conference. I remember being in the conference center with the other speakers that morning, before registration opened. I'm not sure if he could tell I was feeling a little nervous and intimidated, but it was at that moment that Chris Coyier introduced himself to me.

So you want to speak at a jQuery conference?

As I write this, I'm sitting in a Boston coffee shop recovering from the fantastic jQuery conference that was held last weekend. Like at this year's event in San Francisco, I was a speaker and based on a couple of discussions I had with various members of the jQuery community, I decided to write about the process of becoming a speaker at one of their events which is an experience I highly recommend.

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